hello december! now go away.

December 2, 2009

No trip report post for today, unless I either a) get an amazing amount of work done today or b) totally snap and stop doing any work at all (which has actually been what’s happened the past two days).

Yet, I wanted to post to gripe, because dammit, it’s my blog and I’ll say what I want to.  So there.  Hmph.

It is now December, as many of you may have noticed.  It is suddenly cold like whoa here.  As in, the forecast low for the next few days is four degrees.  Four degrees!  Waaaaaah.  It’s also not supposed to warm up past twenty for another several days.  This happened last December about the same time, only worse, and I’m really really really hoping that it doesn’t get colder.  Last year during exams, it was consistently below zero for about three or four days in a row.  Really uncool.  I had never before had my breath freeze on the inside of my scarf.

Aside from the cold, it did snow a good bit overnight (and is still doing so).  Like my near-total nonchalance about crazy mountain roads, snow has ceased to mean much to me after living here for a winter.  Well, I take that back — the two feet of snow we got before Halloween kind of freaked me out.  But this snow?  Meh.  It’s not even properly over my boots.

The miscreant mutt, however, is in love with the snow, the way of dogs and snow the world over.  She started scratching at my door early this morning wanting to go play, and when the scratching failed to faze me, she started throwing a rubber ball at the door.  Oh, dog.  You are a trial.


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