more than slightly scary: lost hiker story from gila

December 17, 2009

While I’ve been merrily posting away about our trip to the Gila Wilderness over Thanksgiving, there’s been a story all over the news in some places about a guy who went missing near where we were, and is now recovering from severe hypothermia.  He’s apparently only alive thanks to his dog.

Yikes.  He was out there at the same time, too.

Here is a link, if you’re interested in reading the story.  The gist of it is that he went on a day hike, got lost, got cold and delirious, and curled up in fetal position next to a creek, where he was found about a week later.  His dog was curled up on his chest keeping him warm.  The sad part is that the dog bolted when they were found, and has been missing since.  Poor puppy.  Silly puppy, for running off, too.

Dogs do make good little heaters, though.  On our trip to Gila, by the end of it, she’d get cold early and go try to get into the tent.  If she was in there for a while before us, it’d warm up pretty nicely before we settled in to sleep.


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