pseudo trip report: puerto rico is warmer than colorado

January 4, 2010

Greetings folks!  I am returned from the dead, or more accurately, vacation (the actual traveling and also enjoying the laziness on either side of it), and so you get an update.

While I never really quite finished the Gila posts, due to my desire to make them crazy detailed so that they’ll turn up on future backpackers’ web searches (I always wish for the real scoop on what trails are like when I’m planning a trip, and for the most part it’s not on the web), in the interests of pretty pictures, you get a link to my Puerto Rico photo album.  Here’s a preview.

The trip involved a lot of this sort of thing.

Most of the pictures have comments, so you’ll get a little story on what the trip was like, though perhaps I’ll give you more later on, once I get over whatever cold I have come down with and get back to work and such.

Also, I apologize in advance for any ad nastiness that the link may give you.  Facebook is not always my favorite place on the web.

Also also, happy new year!  2010 already, sheesh.


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