world peace for less than $15

January 9, 2010

Or, peace on the (extremely localized) home front, at least.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the solution to all of our problems.

The Chuck It! Flying Squirrel. It was designed by Quetzlcoatl himself, and for some reason later seen in a holy vision bestowed upon an entire catholic parish. Of course, they thought they were seeing baby Jesus in their toothpaste, but at least one of them got the point.

Mere words cannot express how much my life has improved since I bought this glorious little toy.

It flies!  The dog can catch it!  She likes to bring it back!  You can find it easily in the snow if she doesn’t!  Its feet glow in the dark, so you can even find it in the snow at night!  You can toss it well while wearing expedition-style mittens!  You can toss it well when you’re wearing so many warm things that you can barely move your arms!  If it’s too cold for even that (ugh, I wish I weren’t aware this is possible), you can even toss it in the house without breaking things!  Supposedly it floats!  It’s been chewed on, and is not yet destroyed!  If you are pissed at the dog for pestering you to play and throw it at her face, it doesn’t hurt her!  It’s fun for her to fling around and shake, once I get sick of throwing it!

Thank you, thank you Chuck it! Flying Squirrel.  I salute you.


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