ouch, my brain

January 20, 2010

It’s another day of mostly just reading papers for me today at the lab, which is…hard.  Dull.  Useful, yes, and worth it, and all that, but it’s so hard to focus that it absolutely drives me up the wall.  Today I decided that my brain has quit for the day, and after my classes this afternoon at CSM, the ratio of blog pages read to review article pages read is probably at least 15:1 (granted, this is skewed significantly by the uneven information density between the two).  At any rate, I will be glad when I can go back to breaking things in the lab, after I get through what I’m trying to learn right now, and my devices arrive.

In other news, I am way out of biking shape.  It’s probably been three weeks since I biked at all really (illness and cold weather, what’cha gonna do?), and since the end of last semester since I biked consistently at all.  It goes away fast.  I biked to my classes at CSM from NREL today, and it hurt (mostly the lungs).  One way, it’s about 3.5 miles, only a few hundred feet of climbing, and I am ashamed of myself.  Getting there is super fast, though, as the lab is pretty much at the highest point in Golden that anything’s built on (we’re near 6,000 feet).  Wheeeee!

In other other news, I ate instant noodles from a coffee mug with chopsticks today for lunch.  They were the 60-cent ramen, though, not the 10-cent kind.  Still.  Between my hardcore oversleeping this morning, my disappointing lunch, and my blog-pages-to-article-pages ratio, I feel extra like a grad student today.

Blog find of the day, though (via Justin’s facebook wall): lifehacker.  Now I have lots of projects I want to do to procrastinate with!


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