the good thing about winter

January 24, 2010

Crazy thing — turns out I’m actually getting well this go-round, and now that my throat has stopped hurting and I’m no longer dripping and coughing up scary-colored mucus, I have pronounced myself well enough to do fun things again.  Hooray!

To that end, yesterday I went skiing for the first time this season (even though the resorts have been open since October).  As most of you would guess or may already know, I am by no means a good skier.  First off, I grew up somewhere somewhat flat and lacking much in the way of snow, and second, perhaps more important, I’m one of the clumsiest people to walk the face of the earth.  Some of you are no doubt expecting this to lead into a story of some horrific and/or comedic injury sustained yesterday, to add to the ranks of other snow-and-sports-related injury stories already in my arsenal.

The continental divide, right over the Eisenhower tunnel, as seen from my lift chair yesterday.

But HAH!  Other than being extremely sore and quite exhausted, I escaped the mountain unscathed.  Well, okay, I have a few bruises, but that’s nothing.  We had a fantastic time.  The conditions were great; a light snow fell all day, so the powder was constantly fresh, and there was almost nobody on the mountain, or at least the parts of it that we chose to ski on, so it wasn’t all chewed up right away.  I am finally a competent enough skier to appreciate why people get excited about cutting fresh tracks (but I swear I will never understand why people go to the lengths they do to make sure they get they are on the mountain first).  I have “new” skis this season, too (craigslist new), and they are at least 20 times better than what I skied on last year.  All in all, I was a much happier skier yesterday than I ever have been before.  Yay for Colorado!

Token lift ride shot.

In other news, “Avatar” is really pretty in 3D IMAX, and the plot didn’t feel nearly as inane as I expected (though it is quite predictable if you’ve seen any white-man-goes-native-and-saves-the-people story.  Or even if you haven’t).  The CGI alone, in my opinion, makes it worth watching, and even almost worth paying the 3D IMAX premium for.  Go see it if you’re skeptical — I was, and I was not at all sorry I went.

Hooray for doing fun things again!  Yay immune system actually working!


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