badasses and bad ideas

January 26, 2010

Quick update here before I keel over asleep in my chair.  First, the badass part.  My dog is a badass, just FYI.  The neighbor who took this picture of his dog getting owned by my dog is also a photography badass (in addition to apparently being a software engineer).

Epic. Pecan takes Samantha down.

Who else is badass?  Oh, that’s right, Roy’s boys.  Did the Pack really hope to pull off two big upsets in a row, of Dook and Carolina no less?  That’s what I thought.

So, on to the bad ideas.  Sent to me this evening by a friend who is no stranger to bad ideas, here is one take on a State of the Union drinking game.  Hilarious, but a bad idea (even the page warns you, “If you actually drank as much as we suggested, you would die, so do not do that.”).  I do have to admit the idea of such a game intrigues me…but I’d have to start on the bus on the way home, living here in mountain standard time and all.

Oh yes, and neither badass nor a bad idea, but I have added a “pretty pictures” page to the sidebar.  It indexes links to all of my photo albums that I talk about, so they’re easy to find without digging through my posts.  There’s also some old ones I haven’t mentioned on here if you’re feeling nostalgic.


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