things that make me grumpy

January 28, 2010

Oh dear, somebody had a grump-inducing day.  I’m going to celebrate by taking it all out on my blog.

Grump #1: climate change denial.  A certain brand of skepticism, I can understand; it’s healthy to question the degree of the problem and the timescale for feeling its effects, especially since prediction models vary widely on this.  What I can’t understand is outright refusal to admit there’s any possible correlation between our greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.  Greenhouse gases are so-called because they contribute to the greenhouse effect; the greenhouse effect makes planets warmer.  It’s basic middle school science, people.  Beyond that, we’ve burned millions of years worth of biomass (in the form of coal, petroleum, etc) in less than two centuries.  Is that really not going to have any impact other than powering the industrial age?  And remind me who it is exactly who stands to gain significantly by organizing a global conspiracy to make the whole thing up?  Ugh.

Grump #2:  the State of the Union Address is not a high-school pep rally.  Congress, is it really necessary to jump out of your seat every time the president says a keyword that your party is supposed to like?  Or hiss and boo and whistle when it’s a keyword that your party is supposed to hate?  We know your party hates these things; unfortunately, it’s pretty much all we hear on the news about goings-on in Washington (beyond the doofy human interest pieces about the First Lady’s new vegetable garden and the housetraining of their puppy).  So please, don’t slow down the president’s already-an-hour-long speech with your insipid displays of enthusiasm.

Grump #2.5: Samuel Alito, wipe that grimace off your face.  You and your majority opinion buddies screwed up, and everybody is pissed.  Thanks for undermining what little remaining legitimacy our political system had, jackass.  Checks and balances apply to keeping the Supreme Court in line too, you know, not just to you keeping everyone else in line.

Grump #3: the GS bus schedule (this is what gets me from my house to the lab every day).  Seriously now.  RTD (the folks who run the system), I would really enjoy the opportunity to depart for the lab later than 8:30am, especially if the 8:30 driver sucks and is likely to come 3 minutes early, requiring me to chase him down yelling and waving my arms when I try to show up at the stop on time.  Also, while you’re at it, RTD, how come you give lots of options for leaving earlyish, but none that are useful for leaving late?  I can leave the lab at 3:40, 4:30, and 5:00, but how come my next option after that isn’t until after 6pm, and that’s then the last option?  Do most people really leave work no later than 5pm?  If I want to stay until 5:15 or 5:30, I get a whole ‘nother hour of waiting around for the bus.  Thanks for sucking, RTD.

Grump #4: duck food, and my dog’s free access to it no matter what I do.  The folks we rent from and share the yard with keep ducks and chickens; they let them out to roam the yard with a good deal of frequency.  Fine.  The mutt isn’t interested anymore.  What she is interested in is their food — interested in, and allergic to.  Is it so hard to close the gate to the pen?  Especially if I remind you every time I see you?  Your gate-closing failure is making my dog bald and sick and itchy.  CLOSE THE DAMN GATE ALREADY.


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