my brother rocks (and so does satellite radio)

January 31, 2010

Got a big fancy box full of Christmas presents this weekend (yeah…turns out my procrastination impulses are heriditary), and have been enjoying them quite a bit.  I made muffins to celebrate the arrival of a really nice mixer, and I moved my fancy speakers out to the living room to celebrate the arrival of…satellite radio!  My brother completely outdid himself and got me an XM Radio setup for Christmas, with a house kit, car kit, and subscription.  I was skeptical about how easy it would be to set up, especially since I live in a basement (and you’re supposed to put the antenna in a south-facing window, which I don’t have — or even a south-facing above-ground wall), but after some initial fidgeting to get the battery to charge properly in the cradle, it works like a charm.  There are some 180-odd stations!  I could listen to Oprah or Cosmo radio if I wanted to, that’s how many stations there are (I have not yet listened to these, and I think it’ll take me a long time — maybe forever — to get around to that).

Most exciting of all, there are three ACC sports channels.  Three!  Gone are the days of trying to hack a local radio broadcast on the internet with clever VPN use and a lot of weird browser plug-ins!  I can listen to any and all of Carolina’s games, announced by Woody himself!  There are not enough exclamation points to go around!  I was so excited that I even listened to us lose to UVA tonight.  Woo?

Anyhow, the disappointing bit of all this is that the person I most want to hear my excitement won’t get to read this, unless they suddenly start allowing Marine recruits at boot camp to have internet browsing time on base (riiiight).  I’ll have to wait until he gets in touch with me, or I get his address somehow.  Waaaah.  I’m impatient.

In the meantime, I will have to just shout it through the tubes — Lady Quantum salutes her little brother.


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  1. hi helen, this isn’t about your post (sorry). i wanted to ask you about the planetarium you used to work at…if you could send me your aim or cell when you come back to civilization i would appreciate it…

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