i refuse to take the $9.44 pill

February 11, 2010

Update: I took the damn thing.  Not until this morning, though — it just seemed silly to keep fighting if 5-6 hours of sleep didn’t solve the problem (not usually what I aim for, but insomnia is making it harder to meet those lofty 8-hours-a-night goals).  But by then, I had already missed my chance to take the bus to lab for the day, and with the car elsewhere and ruling out a half day, I’ll have to mark this one down in the “headache wins” column.

…at least, until I have absolutely no choice, and it becomes a choice of “take the pill” vs. “spend the rest of the day hiding in the dark clutching my head.”  Right now it’s two naproxen, two tylenol, dimmed computer screen, and force of will facing down my impending migraine.  We’ll see.  I might’ve caught it early enough to wish it away…or, more realistically, to wish it to stop getting worse.

Our healthcare system sucks.  I don’t have the faintest idea of how one could go about fixing it, without tearing it down and starting over, even the drug companies.  But, the problem there is that there are good things a profit-driven model for drug research has given us.  Namely, rapid drug development — though it’s only helpful for the so-called “profitable” disorders.  Ugh.  There’s probably more corporate-sponsored research happening for low sex drive drugs than for AIDS drugs.

Apparently migraines aren’t a terribly profitable business these days, as they have to jack up the price of the meds that work for me to $9.44 per pill…after my insurance picks up part of the cost.  Seriously, an $85 copay?  There’s a car insurance company out there that’s going to owe me lots of money whenever I settle with them for this migraine-causing head injury.  But, that’s another headache entirely.


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