in which several recent events are discussed

February 17, 2010

My dog is on Prednisone.  I am entertained.  The vet attempted to explain to me in some detail that I should expect her to be hungry, thirsty, and surly, and I got to explain to her that I am more than acquainted with Predisone’s tendency to turn one into an evil version of the cookie monster.  Which made me realize that we’re a whole six weeks into the new year, and I have not yet been on steroids or antibiotics!  And my dog has!  Aha, I win!  Other than the fact that my dog is going to be an evil cookie monster for the next week or two, of course.

The oddities of healthcare: today I scheduled an appointment with a new psychiatrist (the old one sucks — if you’re looking for a shrink in Boulder, let me tell you who not to see), and also with a new place to get my eyes checked.  Given past experience and anecdotal evidence, I would’ve figured to get my eyes looked at next week, and see the psychiatrist in three weeks if I’m lucky.  Guess what?  I see the psychiatrist tomorrow, and get my eyes checked in three weeks.  WTF!  Not that I’m complaining, since I’m in more of a hurry to get my meds changed around than my glasses, but still.  Very strange indeed.

Got on another internet bandwagon recently and set up an account on last.fm.  So far, I’m quite happy with it.  It’s a bit like Pandora, but it understands me better, I think.  I know, I know, the program doesn’t understand me so much as my thought process is apparently more compatible with their algorithm than Pandora’s, but still.  It’s better!  Today I told it I wanted to listen to The Old Ceremony, and it obliged me in excellent fashion, throwing all of my favorite Triangle bands at me, like Bombadil (!!!), The Never, and others I should have listened to but never really did.  I was suddenly homesick, listening to “Papers in Order” while running calculations to make sure 100nm films would be thick enough for my impact ionization experiments.  They are, but man I miss the music scene in Raleigh and Chapel Hill.  Pourhouse and Slim’s, can’t you move to Boulder?

Migraines!  Today was my first migraine-free day in…a while.  The past week or so, I’ve seen an alarming resurgence of the same stuff I was going through last summer, and I have absolutely no idea why.  For those who aren’t acquainted with the details of my super happy fun times last summer, I got rear-ended by a Catholic priest (the joke writes itself, but oh, if only he were Irish).  Got a minor concussion, wandered around with an ice pack on my head for a few days, then about a week later, I started having crippling headaches.  Eventually a CT ruled out anything dangerous, and a visit to a neurologist landed me with the assurance that it would get better with time, along with some very pricey drugs to make it bearable.  She spoke true, it did get better, but damn, it’s back with a vengeance this past week or two.  Not only that, I have new symptoms with my migraines, and on top of that, this morning I almost fainted in the shower.  Hmmm.  Alarming, no?  So it’s back to the neurologist we go.  Super happy fun times!

On that cheerful note, I feel obliged to leave some more happy parting thoughts.  Let’s let it be a blog link.  I highly suggest you all check out the OkTrends blog.  It’s the data-analysis arm of OkCupid, the internet dating site.  They have a huge pool of data to look at, with hundreds of thousands of folks on there, so they can do some pretty fantastic analysis of people’s preferences and attitudes.  Today’s post is “The Case for an Older Woman,” and though I am not myself an older woman, I feel that in the interests of my single male friends that I must share it with you.  I do warn you, however, to read at your own risk.  I got this note in my inbox this evening:

After accidentally spending the last three hours messaging 33 year old women on OkCupid, I have decided that maybe it’s best for everyone if I just stop following you on Google Reader. I’m sure you’ll understand. Despite my persona, I really am a delicate flower, and given to suggestion.

And I simply cannot handle the idea that I could be spending my time messaging other moderately desperate individuals instead of reading the reflections of Maimonides. Please don’t take it personally.

So, there you have it.  My Google Reader is more interesting than Maimonides!  And no, I did not know who he was either until I looked up that wiki article to link you to.  I am not that well-rounded.


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