my landlords are the best ever

February 18, 2010

Just because it’s fun and a little bit mean, let me announce to the blogosphere that I am having dizzy and fainting spells today, again.  Woo!  And I have no idea why!  Double woo!  Got to cancel one appointment (for fear I would fall down on the way) and swap it for another — the normal doctor folks get to check me out at 1.  I had an amusing conversation with the nurse on the advice line (I was calling to see if she thought I should just tough it out until I see my neurologist sometime in late March, or get checked out).  It went something like this:

“Hi, so I’m having some weird issues…blah blah blah…[explains history a bit], but anyhow the past few days I’ve been really dizzy and almost passing out and –”

“What are you doing at 1 today?”

Sigh.  “Sounds like I’m coming in to see y’all.”

“You most certainly are.”

So yes, I am going to spend some quality time with the campus health folks I have come to know and love.

Anyhow, that’s really only just the backstory for the real reason I am writing this post.  After lying down and feeling worse, sitting up and feeling worse, making tea and feeling less queasy but otherwise worse, I decided that being downstairs alone was probably not the best idea today.  So, I came upstairs and poked my head through the door that connects my basement apartment to the house proper that’s inhabited by my landlords and their lovely (and loud) family to ask if I could just hang out where somebody would notice if I passed out.

Cue the awesome mothering action!  I turned down offers of food, tea, and water (all things I have had within the last hour) repeatedly; I evaluated the potential causes many times over with assistance from the entire family; and I am being given a ride to my appointment, which I tried several times to refuse.  Granted, it’s probably alarming to have someone come upstairs and announce they are worried they might pass out, but still.  This family is awesome.  I feel like I stumbled into potentially the most awesome renting situation ever for someone like me, who has a tendency to get ill (I am often handed chicken soup this time of year), doesn’t eat so great all the time (I get invited to dinner quite a bit), and has a crazy attention-craving dog (she lives upstairs while I’m at the lab, and sometimes while I’m home and being boring, too).  They actually asked if they could take care of Pecan while I was gone.  And they fed her a Christmas dinner to boot.

I heart my landlords.


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