today the coffee shop, tomorrow the world!

February 23, 2010

Conquest!  …or something like that.  Turns out that for certain things, a day spent in the coffee shop can be as good as therapy.  I’ve been in a serious funk lately, and though I don’t know what set it off, I’ve spent the past few days hiding from the world, not answering phone calls or chat messages, getting on an abominable sleep schedule, and generally devoting my time to things that my time does not need to be devoted to.  This happens to me periodically, especially if I’m trying to come back from a prolonged absence from illness.  The pieces are clicking into place for some of you right now, as to why you often don’t see me or hear from me until several days after I’m well enough to have been back at it already.

Anyhow, today I vowed to get my shit together and get my ass out the door.  Hopefully to work, but really anywhere would do.  Work is far away and scarier than coffee, so after I slept in and missed the bus due to another late night of doing nothing at all, I cleaned my room, did a metric fuckton of dishes, took out the compost that was taking over the freezer, walked the dog, and hauled myself to the coffee shop.  They play good music there, and let me get refills for free all afternoon (don’t worry, I switched to decaf on my second cup).  So tonight, I feel immeasurably better about myself and my prospects for not having a mental and academic meltdown.  That’s true even in light of the fact that I got very little real work done, and instead spent most of the afternoon writing.  No, you can’t read it.  I promise you don’t want to.

It just feels good to do something that feels productive, no matter what it is; it feels good to be somewhere away from home, no matter where it is.  [Aside: BAM!  That, dear internets, is proper semicolon usage.  I told you I spent nearly all afternoon writing.  I have a minor in that shit and I can semicolon the hell out of you.  Correctly.]

So, tomorrow I will ride my coffee shop high all the way into Golden and get something done.  Raaaaah!  Conquest!



  1. I often feel the same way after days or weeks of being sick. Then I feel guilty for not working, which doesn’t help the situation. But cleaning the house and a visit to a nearby coffee shop is really the best cure.

  2. FSU 77 UNC 67

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