in like a lion

March 1, 2010

It’s spring!  Not really!  But kind of almost!

In the spirit of spring, since it was 43 and sunny when I got home today (I got home early), I went for a run.  Turns out I’m out of shape.  Who would’ve guessed that not running for months would do such a thing?  Oh well.  Anyways, going for a run on the trail at the end of the park (there’s a roughly 3-mile loop I do when I feel inspired) reminded me what springtime in Boulder is really like.  To help you understand this, here is an illustration, of how my two primary modes of transport look after use in the springtime.  The upper portion is from last April; the lower portion is from today after my run.

Springtime transportation.

If you look closely, you can see ice crystals mixed in with the mud on the sneaker.  Yeah, the trail was Nasty.  Capital N and all.


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