a yay and a boo for colorado news today

March 8, 2010

While taking a slacking break just now, I discovered two items of note on one of the blogs I have recently started following…

One, evidence confirming my hypothesis (heretofore based on anecdotal evidence gathered mostly by me) that in Boulder “we are open-minded and tolerant” really means “we’ve never met anyone who wasn’t straight, white, and upper-middle-class, but we smoke weed so it’s okay.”  Turns out a preschooler got kicked out of her class because her parents are a lesbian couple. Woo!  Of course, it’s a Catholic school, so that makes it even better given their usual complicity in homosexual child abuse and all.  Apparently kids are expected to live in a way that’s consistent with the Catholic doctrine; while sure, I can support their right to insist on that, even though I think the whole Catholicism thing is silly and their views on this matter repulsive, the kid is in preschool.  She’s unlikely to even be aware of the fact that her living situation is any different from the Catholic gold standard, let alone have any power to choose that situation.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s only there because decent childcare is so damn hard to come by, more than the fact that her folks want her in a Catholic school.

I didn’t realize we even had any Catholic schools here.  I guess they’re everywhere.

Two, a  hooray for the “personhood” ballot initiative hitting another hurdle!  The recent petition to get it on the 2010 ballot came up about 15,000 signatures short after they checked out the legitimacy of the submitted signatures.  They don’t have very long to make up the gap, either, so it looks increasingly likely that this stupid, stupid, stupid amendment that I’ve ranted about before (see “the crazy stays confined to the springs (again)”) won’t come up for vote this year.  Yay!


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