victory is (kind of) mine!

March 10, 2010

As you may have pieced together from my often bizarre posts, I have this little issue where I get sick, get sick of getting sick and slack off horribly in my grumpiness, aiming to cheer myself up, and then I push myself like crazy to catch up…until I get sick again from the stress and lack of sleep (or, rarely, just get grumpy again and skip the proper sick phase).  This cycle has been pestering me for literally YEARS, but has been at its worst in the past 6 months or so.  Sometimes recently, I have spent weeks in the “slack off horribly while grumpy” phase, which is the one that’s really the most destructive.

But I only spent a day in it this time!  WIN.

Threaten me with a midterm I’m likely to fail, and I can and will get out of bed and to my desk at work by 9, even if I was up until 3 am reading horrible fanfiction on the internet.  [Aside: I’m hoping the shame of admitting that I was up reading fanfiction will help me overcome this unfortunate addiction.  Seriously, I’d almost rather be addicted to drugs, even if fanfiction is cheaper and physically healthier.]  Of course, now that I’m here, I’m…blogging…but at least leechblock will keep me from spending too long doing that.  Oh leechblock, you are the bestest ever, even though I hate you with a fiery passion undying every time you keep me away from google reader.


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