what the hell, weather

March 10, 2010

It is raining.  Raining!  In Colorado, in March!  I suppose this is an improvement over earlier today, when it was 40 degrees and snowing.

Stupid weather.  I’d rather it not be doing either, honestly.  Rain here, to me, means “yay, plant the garden!” …but if I do that, we’ll have a blizzard the instant everything starts to germinate.  Four feet of snow, right on top of my poor seedlings!  Just watch.  I’m thinking of planting some sweet peas just to test this theory.  God knows the ski resorts need the snow, and god knows I need to use my 7 remaining lift tickets.

I need to be studying.  I’ve hit that unfortunate time of day, though, where I simply cannot force my caffeine intake to balance my desire to sleep without getting really twitchy.  Plus, it’s dark, since it’s gray and rainy outside, so yeah.  It’s totally  not my fault that I can’t focus.

This midterm better be easy.


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