march sadness

March 11, 2010

The ACC tournament starts today, with all the fanfare of…um…something really uninteresting.  For some masochistic reason, I took it upon myself this morning to read about it in my hometown newspaper.  Now in addition to being unreasonably tired, I am also feeling like I want to bury my head in a hole somewhere.

So, the heels suck.  Okay, I said it.  We Suck.  Capital S and all.  We suck even compared to the field outside of the ACC.  We won’t be making an NCAA appearance unless hell freezes over and we make a 4-game run to win the berth that comes with winning the ACC tourney.  We’ve never done that before.  Apparently we’ve never had to play on Thursday.  Ever.  Let me just give you all a moment to appreciate that.  We are historically so awesome that we always have a good enough seed to start on Friday.  The warm fuzzies are almost enough to dispel the doom and gloom I’m otherwise feeling.  Not quite, though.

There is one reason to still watch the tourney, though: rooting against Dook.  Luckily, these sentiments are widely shared.  Barry Saunders of the News & Observer is trying admirably to cheer us all up with thoughts of The Other Blue Team failing miserably in today’s column, “Dispel March sadness.”  Go Barry go!

As usual for his columns, it’s fairly amusing.  I won’t smother you with quotes, but I will give you the take home message:

Why, I’d rather eat a dead cat fried in turpentine than root for the Blue Devils.



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