today’s pet peeve(s)

March 14, 2010

Number one: medicines whose side effects prompt you to take more medicines.

I’m talking to you, Augmentin.  On the one hand, I’m glad to be able to afford the copay on this one ($5 yay); on the other hand, I would rather be on Biaxin.  As much as I hate its primary side effect of a harsh metallic taste in your mouth that’s nasty to the point of mild nausea (and its significantly pricier copay), at least that doesn’t force me to increase my fluid intake still further to prevent extreme dehydration via the most embarrassing means and take more meds to help me cope.  That, and it has always worked on the first try.  I will be extremely grumpy if I end up on Biaxin anyway in the end.  That’s what happened last spring, after both Augmentin and Azithromycin failed to kill whatever horrid creatures had taken up residence in my bronchial and nasal passages.  I keep telling myself that two days on the stuff is not enough to be feeling better, but is it enough to be feeling worse?  I hate you, upper respiratory infection.  I hate you with a fiery passion undying.

Number two: knowing you should stay home and not do fun things, choosing to ignore this, and paying the price.

You think just one of these times, I’d get lucky.  Apparently not.  And it’s not even like I partied last night or anything.  I made chili at a friend’s house, then moved on to have a few drinks at the Southern Sun.  I was home by 11:30pm!  I hate you, upper respiratory infection.  I hate you with a fiery passion undying.

It seems there’s a theme emerging here.

Number three: finding someone’s phone face down on the running trail, picking it up to save it from mud, dogs, and feet, and then having them totally resist your attempts to get it back to them.

Seriously.  Does this girl not want her phone?  I have called her dad and her boyfriend, and the former said he’d try to track her down and get her to pick it up; haven’t heard from him in more than 24 hours now.  Her boyfriend never responded to the message.  Note to internet: if your name is Tatiana and you lost a Sony T-Mobile phone on the trail at the end of Tantra Park recently, contact me for the love of god!  Your phone beeps a lot, though it hasn’t rung, and I feel bad paging through your text messages to see if any of them are about your phone being lost.  They aren’t.  If you don’t want the damn thing back, at least find some way to tell me so.  At least soon it will die and I will have the consolation of it being quiet finally.

Number four: Dook.  I hope you choke on that number one seed, assholes.


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