an immunological odyssey

March 19, 2010

A most happy Friday to you all!  And a happy no-longer-on-Augmentin to me!

So, indeed, as I most sagely predicted last week when I began my 10-day course of Augmentin, that poor little ol’ standby just doesn’t cut it for respiratory infections a la Helen.  I am now on The Expensive Option ™.  Oh boy!  Luckily, because I suffered through a week of Augmentin, my provider (Evil Insurance, Inc.) has decided that they will pay for The Expensive Option with a nice, friendly $35 copay.  I’m told that if they hadn’t picked up the cost, like they won’t for my mother (who has suffered through every possible cheap option known to man, I think, and now the doctors just know better than to force her through them every single time), I would otherwise have been asked to pay about $25 per pill for Levaquin.  There is absolutely no way I would have been able to do that, especially seeing as how I already got my eyes checked and a cavity filled since the last paycheck.

This is on the verge of turning into a DEAR GOD WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE STATE OF HEALTHCARE IN THIS COUNTRY rant, but I will leave it before it becomes incoherent.  Not that I think what’s getting forced awkwardly through congress is necessarily the best thing to do, but something needs to get done, fo’ sho’ y’all.

So, anyway, I’m hopefully getting better, and certainly am feeling better.  Second day of ungodly expensive antibiotic, second day of magical cough syrup (seriously, Tussionex: stupid expensive, stupid effective.  It’s liquid gold).  My immunologist agreed that we need to do something differently in the long-term, to improve my spring quality of life, and she has A Plan, which will be discussed upon my return from being too sick to mess with things.  Things are looking up on the health front.

Also, it was sixty degrees all week, and now we are expecting a foot of snow.  Yay spring!  Two North Carolinian friends are in town hanging out this weekend, and we are having good times.  And, they are experiencing the proper Coloradan springtime, as they were here for a day of sixty degrees and sunny.  Hooray!  Tomorrow we are planning on going snowshoeing in the Neversummer Mountains.  Yesterday, we went on the New Belgium Brewery tour, which was all kinds of awesome.  Today we had biscuits for breakfast, and I am doing healthful resting and suchlike.  Yum.  I will have pictures to post sooner or later (after they leave, no doubt).


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