the karma gods are merciful

March 24, 2010

Earlier today, I was cursing the fact that I had recently gone to a bit of trouble to return a stranger’s phone that I found in the park, and yet my phone, which was lost in a fairly obvious location, on a bus that is part of a system with an overorganized lost and found, did not turn up.

But there is hope!  I have just been informed that someone finally answered one of the periodic calls Eric had been making to the phone, and that it will be at the Boulder transit center’s lost and found facility tomorrow.  Hooray!  The karma gods have decided to take mercy on me after all!

Also, there is nothing better than sleeping in until noon on a Wednesday knowing that not a single person on the planet will blame you for not going to work.  The lab ended up being closed, anyway, though the sun was shining by early afternoon.  Mmmm.  Sunny, lazy snow day.  Win!  It wasn’t worth going through last night’s hell, but I’ll take what compensation I can get.


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