io9 answers the question we’ve all been asking…

March 26, 2010

…will healthcare reform help prevent the zombie apocalypse?  Don’t tell me you haven’t been wondering.

Anyway, this is a quick post, since LeechBlock will cut me off soon.  But, I did want to share this lovely little gem I ran across on io9.com last night: “Five Dystopias Healthcare Reform Could Prevent (and One it Could Cause).”  They’re of the opinion that the reform bill could stave off the mutant plague (zombie apocalypse), vanishing middle class (i.e., the sci-fi staple of the future society with only ruling overlords and downtrodden sewer-dwellers), corporate serfdom, our entire economy being devoted to healthcare costs, and the fast food apocalypse (think Famine’s actions in Good Omens, for instance, or soylent green…sort of).  Alas, they also suggest we’re no longer completely safe from the socialist totalitarian state, so it’s not all good news.

While the article is (obviously) intended to have comedic value, it’s actually a pretty good article, with links to some excellent information; in particular, there’s a link to this nicely-done breakdown of the differences between the house and senate bills that are currently being reconciled.  Overall, I’m kind of impressed that the website that usually gives me articles on my favorite sci-fi and other silly things has bothered to tackle healthcare reform at all.  I suppose it’s a big enough deal that we’re all interested.

I mostly just want to know if I’ll qualify for decent subsidies, since my tenure with Evil Insurance, Inc., comes to an end this year (although actually I saw one provision tossed around that would enable me to spend a year further with Evil Insurance, Inc. on my dad’s company’s dime…yay?  It’s a mixed blessing, for sure).  Also it’d be nice to see Evil Insurance, Inc. have someone more threatening than little ol’ me dressing them down for once.  Although, I can be pretty scary when I’m arguing about reimbursement checks that add up to probably a tenth of my salary, I’m told.


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