subsidy FAIL

March 26, 2010

The unfortunate answer to my earlier question (not the one about the zombie apocalypse, but the one mentioned later in that entry: will I qualify for insurance subsidies?) is a resounding NO.  Maybe not resounding, since I had to dig into the nitty gritty details of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” to figure that out, but nonetheless.  Since my “employer” (CU) offers shite insurance, and said shite insurance requires <9.5% of my salary (7%) to pay the premiums, I don’t qualify for subsidies, even though my income meets the 133%-400% of the federal poverty level standard.




  1. Will CU have to offer better insurance at least?

    • Good question. I haven’t dug quite that far into it yet. That’s my next procrastination effort. Or, the next time I sit around waiting for the cryostat to warm up…without remembering to turn the heater on. Which was what I was doing when posting that yesterday. *bangs head on wall*

    • No, no they won’t. Apparently existing plans don’t have to meet the new benefit standards. Bastards.

      • How is it ok that existing plans don’t have to meet new standards? Won’t that just mean that businesses/institutions will buy the cheap old plans that suck?

      • I HAVE NO IDEA. It sounds completely unreasonable to me, too, but that’s what I read, at least in the Kaiser Foundation’s breakdown document.

        In fairness, CU’s insurance is probably pretty good for most folks who buy it (i.e., twentysomethings who only need insurance when they tear their ACL skiing or some such), and it’s certainly better than nothing. I’m just not most folks.

  2. Speaking of bad insurance, NAU’s doesn’t have any prescription drug coverage.

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