frostbite and toenails, or, a disgusting p.s.

March 29, 2010

I lost a toenail today.  Or, well, most of a toenail.  It was kind of weird how it decided to flake off, and it required some assistance from a pair of scissors before all was said and done.  The only potential explanation I have for this strange phenomenon is that the mild frostbite that I suffered during my commute home during the blizzard somehow killed some of the tissues in the nail bed, and, well, it fell off.  I do remember the toenail looking as strange as the offending toe during the whole unfortunate event.

I guess that I’m lucky it’s just a toenail that I lost.  Also, I’m lucky that the toenail (and the toe itself) didn’t turn too many offensive colors, just a strange waxy white.  I’m really glad that I read up on cold-weather injuries and their appropriate first-aid procedures after the partner got hypothermia back over Thanksgiving.

Still.  It scares me a little that I lost a body part (no matter how insignificant) due to a snowy commute home, especially one where I didn’t really make any really bad decisions that worsened the matter, as far as I can tell.  Thanks, March.  You better be done snowing after that debacle.

[A P.S. to a P.S.: you’re supposed to use mild moist heat to treat frostbite — dry heat can cause burns, since you typically can’t feel anything in the body part you’re trying to warm up — and under no circumstances should you rub whatever you’re warming, since that typically causes further injury.  I removed my wet shoes and socks once I was “indoors” (on a bus), and just kept my hands wrapped around my toes until they started to regain feeling and color.  Took an hour, hour and a half for this particular toe.  Oh, and you’re not supposed to thaw any body part that has a chance of re-freezing, since that will also cause further damage.  This wasn’t serious frostbite, so I wasn’t too worried.]


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  1. So when you tell us gross things like this, you should just go all the way and post pictures.

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