in which several recent events are discussed

April 9, 2010

I started writing this post last night, but then wandered away, and by the time I returned to it, leechblock had cut me off.  Naughty leechblock.  Naughty me for being in such a dire state as to need to install leechblock on every computer I have regular access to.

Last night, I had begun an entry about a rather unfortunate pattern I was in.  In this unfortunate pattern, I spent my days sitting around the house reading things on the internet, or in books.  None of these things were the least bit relevant to work and school and my general existence these days, unless you count the small amount of time I spent reading email to make sure nobody was electronically cursing at me for not showing up (they weren’t).  I like to use the word “unfortunate” to describe this pattern, because that implies that somehow it wasn’t my fault at all.  Hooray delusions!  So yeah, I was four days deep in a hole full of slack, and starting to feel really miserable about it, since delusions and adjective choice aside, it was entirely my doing (I couldn’t even properly blame illness for more than Monday).

Luckily, there’s a light at the…uh…bottom of the hole?  Ended up going on a looooooong meandering walk first with Pecan, and then with Pecan and a friend (who was also despairing of looking up from a hole of slack), moved on to get dinner and an Addiction Imperial Stout at the Southern Sun (mmmm….coffee and stout, imperially), and then somehow kicked into working-person mode.  Not that I did work last night, but rather that I put myself to bed by 11:30 so I could get up and tackle today.

And I did tackle it!  After a whole week of sleeping in until 9 or 10 or so, I got up at 5:15, made lunch, ate breakfast, walked the dog, and still had time to buy a latte before catching the bus at 6:45.

Yes, I caught the bus more than 2 hours earlier than I’d been waking up the past week.  WIN!

The point of that was basically that I had a group meeting at 9 this morning, and since I haven’t done anything all week, I needed to get my act together in a hurry to have data to present.  I had data that I’d collected but not analyzed, so it came together all right, more or less (not really a big deal meeting).  The meeting was way too long, but this is neither uncommon nor my fault.

More for the WIN! column: I made a new lead selenide film, took instrument response data, and took an entire data set.  Incidentally, an “entire data set” means that I had to check out two different time ranges at nine different temperatures (so I took 18 scans today, 19 if you count the instrument response, 20 if you count the one I had to start over when someone tripped the laser interlock mid-scan).  That’s a lot of data.  The awesome part?  I thought this was completely impossible (it has been in the past), but the film I made and the way I aligned the laser meant that emission was bright enough to collect data in about a fifth the time it usually takes.  WIN!  You can maybe guess this means I stayed pretty late though.  I was compensating, I guess.

So yeah, I just got home, warmed up some leftovers, stole a piece of my roommate’s pie (thanks roommate!), and have been chilling to the sweet sounds of a satellite radio that works again, since the new battery arrived in the mail today (thanks sketchy company from Hong Kong!).  I was just about to consider contemplating (it’s a long process, you see) taking the dog out, when the boy who lives upstairs knocked, wanting to take her on a walk and looking for a leash (thanks boy upstairs!).  In a bit, Eric will arrive courtesy of an unexpected ride, so I don’t have to stick with my plan to not see him tonight and drive up to Fort Collins tomorrow (thanks unexpected ride!).  In a few hours I’m going to a party not hosted by a physicist for a change (thanks non-physicist-friend!), and all in all, I think I’m starting to look at a pretty good weekend.

Yay for the light at the bottom of the hole of slack!


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