i almost forgot

April 10, 2010

…the most exciting part of my day full of WIN!  I finally defeated the expert stage of minesweeper on the data collection computer, so now all of the records are mine.  Hah!  I actually feel good about this, instead of slack and horrible, because honestly, I feel like if a scan is going to only take 8 minutes to complete, it’s really not worth going back to my desk, looking at something to do, then getting up and walking back to start a new one, y’know?

Oh, and I was indeed the only physicist at the party last night.  Hooray!  Not that I have anything against physicists, being one and all, but hanging out in the same company gets old sometimes.  A friend of mine did somewhat accusingly inform me that 3/4 of his friends in town are physicists, though, so maybe it’s really not just a function of grad school.


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