hooray for dogs and gardens

April 14, 2010

BREAKTHROUGH!  The community garden guy is here and my dog is fine with that!  He was willing to meet her, feed her some chicken, and pet her a bit, and she chilled out in a hurry.  Also, he seems to think that planting some parasitic wasp attracting beneficials will be a good idea (when I mentioned that I was doing it to protect all of my brassicas out front).  Yay for preventing monoculture in the backyard!

Anyway, this is a small note of happy to go along with the fact that I’m also getting stuff done, and feeling good about it.  Of course, right now I am sitting in the backyard in the shade listening to the neighbor and garden guy chat while planting their brassica seedlings, with the dog chilling out next to me, finishing up a bit of email business and getting this posted.  I have a few other things I wanted to post about, but I’ll get to that later on today, I think, depending on how much I get done.

Hooray for happy hump days!

P.S.  Brassica, just in case you don’t recognize the genus, includes cabbage, broccoli, collards, a bunch of other tasty things.  I’ll be planting collards, kale, and brussels sprouts; the community garden seems to be doing broccoli and cabbage.


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