in which lady quantum is sad

April 14, 2010

Remember my Friday post about how excited I was to get lots and lots of data and have everything generally go so well?  Yeah, turns out not so much.  Now, my personal opinion is that this data is grand and lovely and that small furry woodland creatures should sing about how awesome it is.  The fitting program’s opinion is that this data was collected by lobotomized monkeys who like to shoot lasers at things.  I get offended when the fitting program tells me that I am a lobotomized monkey.  That shit’s personal. Tomorrow I get to try collecting it again, I suppose, while staying on careful guard for the lobotomized monkeys.  If the fitting program won’t play nice with new data, we are going to tangle, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

WTF indeed. Where the program pulled out those horrid-looking oscillations is anyone's guess (actually I know the answer, but it still shouldn't be doing that).

In other news, I am also sad because of the cottonwood trees.  They are gettin’ it on all over out here, and it’s making my eyes burn like crazy.  Bonus: the rainy/snowy season seems to be over, and the winds have been picking up, so it looks like extra tree sex awesomeness is in the forecast for the indefinite future.  I don’t like it.  Burning eyes, a runny nose, a constant low-grade headache, and a low-grade fever in the evenings is really not my idea of fun.  Especially since the weather’s so nice and I want to be outside as much as possible — and need to be, for my ultimate frisbee team.

Another way in which Colorado is making me sad (I’m totally blaming the state for the tree pollen and the tempting weather to go along with it) is through its ridiculous income tax rates.  I owe the state lots of money, lots and lots of money.  This is uncool, because as far as I’m aware, the vast majority of the services that I really love are funded by local taxes…which I pay every time I buy something in a store, via our ridiculous (but worth it, for bike infrastructure and a usually-great bus system) sales tax rate.  What am I paying for, my dear adopted state?  Because I’m pretty sure I’m not getting my money’s worth.  Just as a note, I also owe the feds a lot of money (oh, the joys of not getting issued W-2’s, or having any tax taken out), but since they’re the ones paying my salary and funding my research, I don’t mind quite as much.  They’re the ones who gave it to me in the first place.

One weird tax note: I incorrectly entered the income from my fellowship stipend the first time I did my taxes, and it told me that I owed the feds less than two hundred bucks (I’ve been paying estimated taxes every quarter).  When I realized the error and correctly entered it as scholarship income, suddenly my owed tax almost tripled.  Joy.  What kind of tax system do we have where  job income is taxed less than an equivalent amount of scholarship income?  You think with all of their happy tax credits  for education they’d be happy to cut us students a break.  Maybe the federal government thinks “scholarship” means “free money you didn’t earn.”  Yeah, they can go jump off a cliff (but only after they pay my stipend, then they can go jump off a cliff).

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  1. Here I was thinking: sure I had to pay a pretty penny this year, but maybe next year, when I’m a student, I’ll actually be able to get one of those refund thingies everybody talks about. Saaaaaad.

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