nooooooooooooooooooo, plus an apology to the cottonwoods of colorado

April 19, 2010

Went to the immunologist today for a skin test.  Fun times, that.  In case you’re not among us lucky ones and are unfamiliar with skin testing for allergies, the gist of it is that they stick you full of allergens and see if you react.  You get a little prick of essentially distilled allergen, and if you get a mosquito-bite-like reaction, congratulations!  You’re allergic!  This process takes place on a grid they’ll mark out on your back, and typically you get something like 20-30 of these pricks.  Then, if you’re extra lucky, they’ll re-test for the substances you didn’t react to, in a stronger concentration, and injected under the skin in larger quantity.  Depending on how thorough or how much of  a sadist your doctor is, you can get a bunch of those, too.  I got 24 injections in my upper arm after the 30ish pokes on my back.  I am full of holes.

So, first go-round didn’t have any surprises.  I reacted to cats and cat dander, and dust mites.  Those I’ve known my whole life.  I suppose there was a minor surprise in that I didn’t react to any of the pollens they tested.  Second-go round was more fun (joy) and more surprising, too.  Again, I didn’t react to a single pollen.  In fact, I only reacted to one substance out of the 24.  Unfortunately….


This is a really big problem.  This means that I could have been significantly healthier my entire life.  This means that every time I pet my dog, I am being irresponsible.  It means that my health crashes the past two springs are probably due to Pecan (my immunologist says it’s almost certain).

What am I going to do?  Well, I’m not going to get rid of the dog.  I can’t just “get rid of her” like an old shirt or something — I can’t imagine how stressful and horrible the experience of getting re-adopted would be for little miss neurotic.  She’s a pretty needy pup.  Also, there’s the not-insignificant point that I adore her.  So, I suppose it’s just management that’s going to happen.  She’s not going to be allowed in the bedroom ever again (she was only occasionally and for a brief time, anyway), and I’m going to have to wash her more and vacuum more.  I’m looking into allergy shots, which would be good since it could tackle my dust mite and cat allergies at the same time.  It’s a long and awful-sounding process, though.

Anyhow, this was horrible news, and I’m still not sure whether to be mad or to cry.  Not much point in either, really, but still.  I would also like to issue an apology to any trees who may have been offended by my rage at them; it was misplaced, since I’m not allergic to any Colorado trees at all.  Now I know the true culprit, and she’s too cute to rage at.  Sigh.

Too cute to blame.



  1. What a nightmare 😦

  2. That is very sad. I am irresponsible every time I eat pickles or cheese. Not quite as bad as being allergic to your puppy. It is sometimes hard to balance being healthy vs. being happy.

    • I am still in the mourning phase for this. I’m friggin’ tired of balancing being healthy vs. being happy, though. I imagine you can relate.

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