more proof that the universe hates me

April 26, 2010

This morning, all I wanted was one simple thing: I wanted to take a short nap in my own dog-allergen-free bed.  I was dreaming about this the entire past week on fold-out hotel beds and on my folks’ futon; I was definitely dreaming about it on my ride home from Fort Collins this morning (took a detour from the airport last night to facilitate a car transfer, and more importantly,to facilitate seeing the partner for the first time in more than a week).

So I get home, stop the dog from ripping the community gardener’s throat out (yeah, that peace of theirs really lasted, huh?), and drag myself downstairs with all of the stuff I traveled with.  I throw it all on the couch, kick off my shoes, and head into my bedroom.

My feet get cold and wet about a third of the way across the room, and I hear an ominous squish.  I look at the humidifer; it’s empty, but it was that way before I left, and there’s no puddle on the dresser where it is.  I look at the window; it’s sealed.  I go around the room touching the ceiling; it’s dry.  So it’s coming from the floor.  Great.  I look at the box spring (which sits directly on the floor; I am a consummate grad student, I know.  At least I have a box spring), and it’s wet and stained all the way up.  I check the mattress, and am immediately grateful for that vinyl allergen cover I insisted on putting on there even though it makes the mattress pad slide around everywhere.  I check the bottom of all my wooden furniture; yep, it’s all soggy and starting to swell.

Welcome home!  Turns out the kitchen is flooded too, though obviously there’s no carpet in there.  After moving out all my furniture (definitely the first thing I wanted to do when I got home, of course), I find that I can actually splash around on my carpet.

Yes, the universe hates me.  After having sent work an email about my absence today (since I spent half the day cleaning things out of my room already), I am now at my favorite coffee shop while my landlord rips up the carpet, and have lined up a couch and a floor for me and the dog for the foreseeable future.  I guess the upside here is that I will soon have a bedroom completely cleared of all dog allergen, right after finding out about that unfortunate little quirk of my immune system.  The downside, well,  is obvious.  It also affects you fine blog readers you, since you don’t get the post with all the pictures and stories of my trip back east, complete with shots of the newly-minted Pvt. Little Brother of the Marine Corps.  You will just have to wait until I am done bitching about how much my life sucks.


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  1. […] similar situation actually happened at my last place, but I forgave the landlords because they really did do […]

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