snow snow go away, and take your migraine with you

April 29, 2010

Apparently my post-concussive migraines are not gone, as I was beginning to hope.  Oh well, that’s why I haven’t settled with the insurance company yet — I was waiting for spring to beat me up and see how my brain handled it.  Not well, is the answer.  And of course, as these things always work, I was fine until I got on the bus and no longer had a way to get home before 4pm.  Go figure.  My $9 pill is starting to help a little bit, though.

At least if I’m still going to get migraines, I know it takes a combination of basically all of my triggers to cause one.  I’m sleep deprived (sleeping on couches does that to you), haven’t been eating on a rational schedule (no excuse here really), am extremely stressed out (hooray flood), and traveled to sea level and back over the weekend (to see Pvt. Little Brother).  Then, the weather had to go and do this:

Thanks, weather.  I really appreciate that.  There’s also a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon.  I can’t wait.

In other news, my apartment situation got worse, but then it got better.   The one-sentence summary is that it seems likely that I’ll only be homeless until next week, and my stuff just needs to be shuffled around during carpet replacing rather than completely moved out.  I spent yesterday looking for short-term leases and working under the story that I would need to move out entirely, and nobody would be able to fix the place for three weeks or more.  Also my insurance doesn’t cover floods, and Colorado’s tenant laws are the worst in the country, so I was pretty much up shit creek.  But today it’s better.  Yay!

Except, of course, for this whole migraine thing.  Migrainey data analysis, here I come!



  1. Where’d you get that data?

    • http://www.eol.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/weather.cgi?site=ml
      I’m lucky enough that NCAR, UCAR, and NOAA are all based (or at least have a major lab) in Boulder. I can get insanely accurate weather data for a station I can see from my backyard. I used it a lot right after my accident last summer to track my weather triggers.

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