because this is amusing

May 5, 2010

I have been poking around in the deep dark corners of my blog stats lately, and have discovered that people use some unusual search terms to find me.  Here’s a collection of my favorites.

  • basement lacks a second way out
  • does augmentin give you a metal taste
  • lobotomized monkey
  • karma merciful (I am google’s #2 hit for this)
  • dome light in basement
  • frostbite on toenails
  • evil horse (this one actually comes in at #3 on the all-time list)

Since I did a bit of self-indulgent searching, I discovered that there are good reasons for all of these to point here, but damn, they really have nothing to do with my blog as a whole.

The top all-time search term that points people here?  Guess.  Just guess.  The answer will be after the cut.

Grad school sucks.  It has brought me almost six times the hits as any other search term on the list.  I found this a bit surprising, to be honest, even though I do tag anything that moves “grad school sucks;” surely there are lots of blogs out there that complain as much as I do.

Apparently, only six of them.

I do have to admit to feeling a little pride that I get more hits than that term on CafePress or OkCupid.  But I guess people searching for “grad school sucks” are too poor to buy t-shirts, and don’t have time to play around with online dating.  Oh well.



  1. Best search query to ever lead to my blog: why was poetic justice in spock being in star trek 11

    • you win. you win, for sure. i’m jealous :-}

  2. Haha. So I’ve got your blog book-marked at work, so I can distract myself, and here I was at home wanting to get to it, realizing I didn’t know the title or url off the top of my head. Then I remembered! I’ll just google “grad school sucks”! Success, I found you!

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