i have a new haircut, and other weekend adventures

May 10, 2010

First, the most exciting bit:

See! More than half of my hair vanished this weekend.

Eric did it, and he’s probably more excited than I am.  Not only did he (finally) talk me into doing something different with my hair, he successfully used layers for the first time ever (with a bit of coaching from me).  Hooray!  He even posed me in a field of dandelions (all of them are blooming at once out here, now that it’s rained/snowed/sleeted enough for things to green up for a few weeks) with the dog for extra cuteness.

Other than the haircut bit, I went to a “living history” performance on Saturday night with the family upstairs.  Very cool, that.  The kids in the program perform monologues they research, write, and memorize in the character of a historical figure.  For some, that means their great-grandmother who did something kind of cool, and for others, someone more generally famous (like Socrates).  I was seriously impressed.  I know most of the younger kids had a very small role in writing their monologues (seriously, I’ve never met a 10-year-old who knew the word “transcendentalism”), but a few of them carried off their performances with a kind of stage presence I know I never had as a kid.

Yesterday, we had a proper spring day, at long last, and I felt seriously spoiled when I went to my league ultimate games.  It was sunny, warm, calm (no wind!  for spring league ultimate, that’s completely shocking and changes the game entirely in terms of strategy), and we had a great view of the mountains, which were capped with fresh snow from Saturday.  Days like that make me wonder why you would be doing anything else.  Of course, now I’m even further behind for my exam this week, but hey, ultimate was way more fun than studying.  Especially because I made a few awesome contributions.  I’m not usually the one in the end zone, making the long throws or the long runs, but yesterday I got to do that a few times instead of just being a sometimes-useful workhorse moving the disc up the field as a mid.

But, speaking of studying, that’s what I’m ostensibly doing now.  My browser nanny is going to cut me off in a few moments, luckily, so I’ll brew up another pot of coffee and get to it.

P.S.  I am in the process of updating my “pretty pictures” page in the sidebar, for my post-facebook life.  It now has only a compendium of illustrated posts on my blog, with a note about getting access to my complete online galleries (which are unlisted).  Let me know if you want access to my pictures — don’t be scared, worst that will happen is that I’ll say no — and I’ll get you set up.  Leave a comment or email me.


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