May 18, 2010

Okay, so I had a blog post all written inside my head earlier today, about how my state is so epic that it becomes mundane.  All of that was inspired by watching a thunderstorm blow up over the mountains on the bus ride home, via the epic view to the west out the bus windows, and how nobody really cares because we see this incredible view with incredible weather (beautiful or scary) every single day, so we all just read our books or go to sleep or whatever.  Blah blah blah.  Epicness.  Etcetera.

And then I got home, after surviving the downpour and hail and carrying my busted bike on my shoulder from the bus stop, and I made dinner: chicken/green bean/red onion stir fry with coriander and white pepper, over brown rice and topped with leftover fondue sauce (got invited to dinner upstairs this weekend, and it was mighty fancy).  While it was cooking, I downloaded the new LCD Soundsystem album (This is Happening) and played tug-of-war with my dog.  Then I poured a glass of wine, cranked the volume on my speakers, took a bite, and promptly started dancing.

LCD Soundsystem’s new album is hot shit.  I ate a tasty dinner tonight, have a box (yeah, yeah, shut up) of decent wine, and it doesn’t matter how much my day sucked up until this point, what I was planning to do with my evening, or what I wanted to post on my blog, because damn, things are looking pretty good from right here.

You should all go dance.


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