did he just measure time in parsecs? and other stories

May 24, 2010

It was 87 degrees this past weekend.  A week before, though, I was snow camping (ish) for the first time in my life.  Oh, Colorado.  Anyhow, the pictures from that trip are up (here’s the post where you can get a link — ask me if you want access).  If I have some time, I might put a few up publicly on my main page, but lately I’ve been super busy, and super lazy whenever I’m not busy being super busy.  Here, though, is a sample.

Mt. Evans at sunset, from last weekend. Mmm, mountains.

Helped along by the extremely warm weather this weekend, I had a pretty fabulous time.  Sunday I played in the spring league ultimate tournament, where my league team did pretty much as expected (i.e., we got the crap kicked out of us in our first game, and then drank our way through our “beer bracket” consolation game).  Our beer bracket opponent was a lot of fun, and we ended up basically calling off all scoring in favor of just playing until the pizza showed up.  Our final point (after the hard cap at pizza went on) was quite literally a free-for-all — all members of both teams got onto the field, and only cross-gender hammers into the end zone scored.  Yay silly ultimate!  The only sad bit is that I can’t play summer league, and so my organized ultimate days are gone until August.  Boo.

Saturday eve was spent hanging out eating bratwurst and watching movies — “Sherlock Holmes” and then just for extra fun, “A New Hope.”  Sherlock was about as expected (meh, fun moments, whatever), and of course everyone with any nerd cred has seen A New Hope way too many times.  It’d been years since I’d re-watched it, though, so it was fun to do that, especially with other nerds and a bottle of red wine.  I never did realize, for instance, that Han Solo has an appallingly limited knowledge of astronomy for a star pilot.  He says his super speedy ship made some famous run in “less than twelve parsecs” — but parsecs are a unit of distance, not time.  Silly Han.  I felt obligated to announce this fact at the re-watching.  We can maybe forgive him, though, since he’s doing that bragging in a bar.  Maybe.

Looking out from halfway through Monday, this week is shaping up to be a demanding one.  Every time I turn around, my workload grows.  Ask a question, BAM!  here’s another paper I need to read.  Run some data analysis, BAM! here’s another idea to build into the model, which means more coding, more modeling, and more data collection.  Yay grad studentry?  On the one hand, I’m doing work that interests and challenges me; on the other, I kind of miss being a slacker, even though I definitely don’t miss the “waaah, I’m a slacker and that makes me a terrible person and a failure as a grad student” self-esteem lag that went along with it.  Oh, slacking, why can’t you be more…functional.  Or something.


One comment

  1. Maybe we can forgive him for being the only actor whose career wasn’t ruined by the series?

    Also, I think you’re now tagging ‘grad school sucks’ just for the googlers.

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