the show must go on

June 12, 2010

I left work before 5 on Friday, but didn’t get home until 1 am Saturday.  When I got home, I was soaking wet and quite cold, and the weather today has been absolutely epic. Sounds familiar, right?

Wrong!  It had nothing to do with the bus this time, and was all completely voluntary (yes, I’m an idiot).  I went to see MGMT at Red Rocks with friends.  To quote a conversation overheard as we were leaving, “That totally rocked my socks…so hard that my feet are numb.  Or maybe that’s the weather.”  Definitely the weather.  We’re under a flood watch, my car now has hail dents, and the temperature plummeted about 40 degrees.  Yay?  I’ll say that the famous acoustics at Red Rocks are a little dampened when you’re listening with a soggy hood up all night.

This is Red Rocks, for the uninitiated. It's an amazing venue.

Anyway, the show-related sock rocking still did happen.  Somewhat.  I’d say my socks were gently rocked, like rocked as in a rocking chair, not rocked as in “holy shit that show blew me away!”  I had a good time, but unfortunately MGMT doesn’t have the stage presence to really engage a large crowd.  Especially a large, wet, and cold crowd.  They basically played their songs as they sound straight-up on their albums.  It also didn’t really help their case that the second opener, a funk/hip-hop/R&B group that reminded me a bit of Outkast, had absolutely incredible energy and presence.  Their singer was dancing all over the stage, they had crazy costumes, they even had dancers and a dude in a top hat and coattails who introduced them.  Definitely a headliner-worthy show, for sure.  And in the rain, too!  I wish I had heard their name, or that it was printed on the ticket.  No dice, though.

A big shout out also to the Red Rocks stage crew.  I can’t believe they kept the equipment running when half of it was quite literally sitting in puddles.  There were people sweeping water off the stage to try to keep it clear, and they saran-wrapped the laptops MGMT used.  Yeah.  I was pretty impressed that nobody got electrocuted, to be honest.  It was a sight to see, to be sure.

So, all in all, I’m glad I went.  It was a solid show, and I had a nice time.  But alas, I think the bar for my Red Rocks show experiences might just be set a wee bit too high after seeing the Flaming Lips perform there last summer.  Talk about sock-rocking.  That show was insane.  Confetti cannons, laser pointers for everyone in the audience, a crowd-surfing hamster ball for the lead singer, and a giant dancing catfish in a sailor outfit.  No lie.  So yeah, kind of hard to top.  I’ll keep trying, though.


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