the hands-down best feature of my new phone

June 17, 2010

…is its alarm clock.  Ladies and gentlemen, this phone does not allow you to completely turn off the alarm just by pressing random buttons.  No, it demands that you are at least aware enough to hit the down key, then “OK” before it stops going off every few minutes.

YESSSSS!  My old phone shut up after you hit some random buttons, without even having to open the phone if you didn’t want to.

[The old phone died in a saltwater deluge — no, not from the beach, long story there — after four years of hard usage.  May it rest in peace, knowing that it has been replaced by a phone that actually lets me wake up from naps and get to softball games on time.  Also, this new phone is awesome, because it’s new and still doesn’t have any extra features and junk on it.  I can’t afford to buy a plan with features, so why on earth would I want those things on my phone?  I also really don’t need a QWERTY keyboard when it costs me 20 cents to send a text.  I’m honestly shocked that Verizon even has a camera-less, keyboard-less, 3-G-less phone.  Shocked, but grateful.]


One comment

  1. Verizon? Consider Credo next time. You’ll probably get a similar phone for a similar price without the warrant-less searches being acquiesced to.

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