oh, the irony

June 22, 2010

Yeah, so that post about seeing a skunk?

Pecan got skunked.

Even more ironic, I had just given the folks upstairs a stern lecture about how they must keep the screen door closed at all times (they like to open all the windows and doors when it’s hot).  They forgot and she went bolting out across the street (though I’m told she looked both ways first — riiiiight) to chase a skunk, and, well, yeah.  I came home from to find two kids and my roommate scrubbing down the dog for the third time.

Poor baby.  Worst part is that it didn’t do any good, so the partner and I had to scrub her down three times again, twice with a solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and detergent (from an NCSU extension site, for two scrubbings of  a Pecan-sized dog: 3qt 3% H2O2, 3/4c baking soda, 1tbl detergent), and then once more with her usual shampoo.  I have never seen an unhappier-looking creature.  Worst part is that it was still on her face even after careful eye-avoiding scrubbing there, so she got a paste of baking soda applied, and I ran the industrial air filter next to her crate (and probably will all day, too).  It smells better in here, so maybe it helped.

Best part of the whole encounter was going to the grocery store soaked in tomato juice and dog hair, smelling like skunk, to buy a few quarts of H2O2.  Didn’t really have to explain myself in the checkout line.

Update: didn’t do it.  She still has it on her face.  This is the part where I’m actually glad I have to go to work.


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