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my house will contain 2/3 of the women in my class, and then some

July 28, 2010

I may have to change my blog title soon.  I am moving out of my basement apartment this weekend.  If I do it dramatically enough, maybe it’ll even count as breaking of out it.  Between that and the fact that none of the labs I work in are actually underground (downright shocking for a physicist, although some of them definitely don’t have windows and have to stay dark, so it’s almost the same thing), I can only claim to be in a metaphorical basement.  Tragedy.  And by tragedy, I mean this is not tragic in the least and is really awesome.

You see, I am moving into a house with four other women.  We are all grad students in physics or engineering.  With the dog thrown in, we’ll be able to say there are six females sharing a house (she isn’t working on a PhD, though).  Can I venture the guess that this house might turn out to be a wee bit crazy?  I’ve lived in a house with four guys before, but never four ladies, and never more than one actually without guys living there as well.  It’s definitely something new for me.

But, I’m looking forward to having a wider social world without having to leave my house.  Right now it’s all too easy to hole myself up here at home, only occasionally having a conversation with the roommate (and sometimes not interacting at all).  In a house with five of us, someone will nearly always be nearby, and chances are I’ll see a lot more of my other friends too just by being a bigger dot on the social map location-wise.  We’ll have to see how this pans out, but right now, it’s a very exciting prospect.

Oh, and did I also mention, I won’t be living in a basement, for the first time since moving to Colorado?  And that I’ll have the master bedroom?  And hardwood floors, an apricot tree in the backyard, and a real kitchen again?  Yesssssss!

[And just as a note, there are 6 women in my year in the physics program.  This is a huge number.  We make up roughly a sixth of our class.  Yes, I promise, that’s a big proportion.  The gender discrepancies in advanced science degree programs are worse than you thought, huh?]


not a real post, but…

July 22, 2010

I just biked back to my house, and it’s 64 degrees and 85% humidity.  Mmmm, feels like home.  All that was missing was the fireflies.

On a related note, I drove home from work today, and needed my sunglasses on the whole time because it was so bright.  This is entirely par for the course, except that it was also pouring down rain almost the entire time.  Pouring, then completely dry road, then pouring, then completely dry road…but mostly pouring.  And I kept my sunglasses on.  There was also some very nice lightning striking the peaks (this is why we don’t stand on top of tall things after lunchtime out here, at least if we’re smart).

Needless to say, my softball game was rained out.  Or lightninged out, or something.  All of the above.


your federal government: the enforcer of good taste

July 9, 2010

It’s late on a Friday afternoon here in laboratoryland, and so it’s that time.  What time, dare you ask?  Time to read dumb things on the internet until my brain clicks back into gear, or I decide it’s simpler just to give up on the data I was hoping to get analyzed before the weekend.

So, I wanted to follow a link about fireworks that a friend sent me.  Simple enough, right?  No!  Our government browser nannies shut me down!  Why?  I quote:

The requested page is blocked by our policy. If you believe that this block was in error, please contact Client Services with the information below and the date and time of the block.

Reason:  This Websense category is filtered: Tasteless.

What?  It’s a comedy article about fireworks!  Chill out, Client Services, and let me be the judge of what is in poor taste and what’s not.

[If, on the other hand, it blocked me with the reason “This Websense category is filtered: you need to analyze your goddamn data already,” I couldn’t really argue with it.  Maybe that’s really what it means to say…]