your federal government: the enforcer of good taste

July 9, 2010

It’s late on a Friday afternoon here in laboratoryland, and so it’s that time.  What time, dare you ask?  Time to read dumb things on the internet until my brain clicks back into gear, or I decide it’s simpler just to give up on the data I was hoping to get analyzed before the weekend.

So, I wanted to follow a link about fireworks that a friend sent me.  Simple enough, right?  No!  Our government browser nannies shut me down!  Why?  I quote:

The requested page is blocked by our policy. If you believe that this block was in error, please contact Client Services with the information below and the date and time of the block.

Reason:  This Websense category is filtered: Tasteless.

What?  It’s a comedy article about fireworks!  Chill out, Client Services, and let me be the judge of what is in poor taste and what’s not.

[If, on the other hand, it blocked me with the reason “This Websense category is filtered: you need to analyze your goddamn data already,” I couldn’t really argue with it.  Maybe that’s really what it means to say…]


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