happy birthday, boulder is on fire

September 6, 2010

Had a pretty decent birthday yesterday, all things considered (all things being that I was supposed to spend the weekend with Pvt. Little Brother hiking in New Mexico, but that couldn’t happen due to bad things neither of us were responsible for), but today there’s this.

This is the current view of the sky over my house, looking west. Looking straight to the north, the sky is sort of orange and apocalyptic-looking.

Nobody seems to know much about it yet, except a) it’s HUGE, b) seems to have been burning for about an hour and a half, and c) is up Fourmile Canyon, but at least right now the (strong) winds are still blowing the smoke to the north of my house.  Windows are closed tightly in preparation for the inevitable shift.

Right now it’s sort of a strange atmosphere here, with people wandering out in the street to take pictures and/or stare, and reports filtering in that you can see the fire from as far away as Fort Collins and the airport.  Planes have started flying in to fight the fire, but it’s a really terrible day for anything to be burning, let alone many many acres of forest.


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