p.s. i’m fine

September 9, 2010

After writing a post about social media spreading messages in a disaster, I can’t help but note a few things for the benefit of friends and family who are just now picking up on the story now that it’s hitting national news outlets with a fury:

  • My home is not, and will not be, threatened, and neither is the city proper.
  • I am healthy right now.
  • I am closely monitoring the air quality, keeping the house closed except while it’s raining (which it did yesterday!  yay!), and I have my inhaler in my pocket at all times and a HEPA filter running in my room while I sleep.  My roommates have been awesomely cooperative in keeping the air quality good in my house to help with my asthma.
  • All of my friends are fine as well.  One has a crazy evacuation story and placed one of the initial 911 calls about the fire, but she’s fine.  She doesn’t live up there, but was staying up there at the time the fire broke out.  Her friend’s house is still standing, but damaged, and they don’t know how badly.

So there you go.  I’m using social media to spread the word, hooray!


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