in which several recent events are discussed

September 14, 2010

I’m in lab late tonight, right now waiting for my sample to cool down to 15K again.  Hence, you get an update, because a hungry, lonely 8:15pm is clearly more suited to writing blog posts than to analyzing the data I just collected.

First things first, Boulder is no longer on fire!  Boulder actually never was on fire, but at one point last week, about 9,000 people living on the northwest edge of town were asked to prepare to evacuate on one particularly windy and dangerous fire night.  That wasn’t me, but holy crap, evacuating that many people (and the portion of the city it represented) would be absolutely insane.  Anyhow, the fire’s contained and the feds are leaving later this week, and they’re letting evacuees back in a little bit at a time.  I can walk the dog without the aid of albuterol again, too!  Hooray!

Meanwhile, Loveland is on fire.  Or at least it kind of still is.  Luckily, the reservoir road fire is still less than 1000 acres and has only destroyed two homes (as compared to the 6200 acres/166 homes in the fourmile fire), but still no good.  At least there were resources at the ready to devote to fighting it, since all the feds are still here and mobilized (planes and helicopters too) from the fourmile fire.  In fact, I saw the planes starting to take off again from near my ultimate frisbee league games on Sunday, and thought that the fourmile fire must have picked up again (that resulted in a big collective “uh-oh” amongst Boulder folks at league), but they were flying up to Loveland instead.

Speaking of frisbee, fall league started Sunday!  Hooray!  The partner is playing on my team, and we played against my roommate’s team in our second game, and good times were had by all.  By the way, my roommate totally dominated and kicks all sorts of ass in the deep game.  The mid game, too.  The partner also rocked, and got to handle a lot (which he loves); I played all right (pretty well for me, and considering the smoke’s effects on my lungs from the week prior).  Most importantly, I did not get schooled by the roommate when we were matched up (which is good, considering I’ve been playing for years longer), and got open on her just as much as she got open on me (which is awesome, because she’s a runner and I am decidedly not).  Hah!  My team definitely got schooled by her team, though.  Boo.

My sample is cooled!  The temperature sensor on my cryostat gave me a hell of a scare earlier (acting broken for the third time in the past several weeks), but crossing my fingers and going to eat a piece of chocolate while I ignored it magically fixed it, and now it’s worked beautifully for me.  Well, normally anyway, maybe not beautifully. Point being, it’s time for my data taking/dance party in the lab (what the hell else are you supposed to do with speakers + internet radio + nobody going to walk in on you?).


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