pet peeves for wednesday

September 15, 2010
  • People who religiously go the speed limit on Highway 93.  There is a special hell for people who go 50mph at 10:30pm.  There’s no passing lane except on the steep uphill stretches, assholes, and some of us want to get home already.  I know there are cops; we all know there are cops.  I promise they won’t stop you if you go 5 over, or even 10.  And if they do, well, maybe they just like me more.
  • Dreaming about my science.  Just…yeah.  I spend enough time thinking about it awake, do I really need to dream about it too?
  • Fruit flies.  I swear, you can destroy the source, but they keep on coming.  Rotting meat must have been so much worse for flies, if it was the basis (so they tell us in middle school science class) for the theory of spontaneous generation.  Some days I almost think fruit flies could prove it true.
  • My begging dog.  Seriously dog, I buy you fancy-ass dog chow, you have the best in fancy-ass toys which you promptly destroy, and still, right after I feed you, you’re at the table begging for what?  Tea?  My lab notebook?  My computer?  Keys?  What do you want, dog?

    Begging dog begs. STOP BEGGING, BEGGING DOG.


One comment

  1. Dunno if you know, but dreams can be a form of learning. So it could be a good thing….

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