oh experimental science, how poetic

September 16, 2010

In the lab again (still?) tonight.  When I’m in the spectroscopy lab, I end up spending a decent bit of time doing things like improving my minesweeper time, chatting to people on gchat, dancing around the lab like a madwoman, and of course, posting on this blog (yay).  I swear it’s legit — scans are running, temperatures are equilibrating, etc etc.  It’s like this well-known (amongst nerds) XKCD cartoon. Only, with fewer swords and more dance parties and profanity.

Often, the poor people I talk to at these times get a running feed of what’s frustrating me in the lab interjected into perfectly sane conversations about vegan cupcakes or sex or things on fire or what have you.  Sorry y’all.  Tonight, you lucky privileged people who’ve never been in one of these conversations with me get a special glimpse inside.  Why?  Meh.  I’m bored.  Also, because the person I was talking to tonight thought I was funny and quoted me to someone she was talking to.

Braintwin: uggggggggggggggggggggghh
me: i hate that
at least it’s not late like yours i guess
i swear we need lunch meetings
like nice people have
oh motherfucker
Braintwin: oh no
me: of course, now that i’m at reasonable temps
the cryostat is behaving again
now that i don’t need full blast heater
it’s blasting
stupid fucking cryostat
Braintwin: gah why is it always like that?
me: logically? there are good reasons to do with solder and thermal expansion coeffients
non logically?
because it’s a stupid motherfucker and it wants us to suffer
Braintwin:  that was beautiful
me: haha
oh experiemental science
how poetic?
[Note: “Braintwin” is not a screen name (so don’t stalk!), but rather is an anonymizing nickname that Braintwin will find funny.  I hope, anyway.]
Oh science.  At least I’ll get to leave soon tonight, as opposed to the other night, where I held the dubious distinction of being one of 3 cars still here in two parking lots.  At a place where two thousand people work.  Sigh.

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