somebody is more patient than i am

October 13, 2010

Listen up, dear readers.  Family, you’d better especially listen up.  Let’s talk climate change.

Actually, I’m sending you somewhere else to talk climate change.  One of my awesome ecologist friends has a fabulous 3-post series on her blog that I’ve been meaning to send you to for a month.  Since she’s sending traffic my way today, I decided I should really get off my ass and just link it already.  Even if you’re usually reluctant to challenge yourself on climate change, I think you’ll find it valuable.

The series documents her discussion with a climate-change skeptic aunt, and includes a lot of great layman-friendly coverage of the science issues as well as a very well-documented look at the political issues involved.  In it, she responds to her aunt’s questions in their ongoing discussion, and I strongly suspect that these questions are fairly common to climate change skeptics the world around.   Oh, and she does a fantastic job of remaining calm throughout, especially for someone whose research is directly about climate change.  It’s not confrontational or condescending, in my opinion, and I hope you won’t find it to be that way either.

Go read it already.


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