why choose a lesser evil, indeed

November 1, 2010

I am currently doing my last-minute responsible-voter routine, and trying to figure out who, and what, I’m voting for tomorrow.  I have rarely been so unenthusiastic about politics as this research is making me, and I’m seriously contemplating not voting at all.  If I do vote (which I’m likely to do only if there’s not a long line to get into my polling place), I’m unlikely to vote for any candidates for national office, and instead will probably just vote on Colorado’s amendments and propositions, especially to vote against the one that’s a rehash of our 2008 “eggs are people too” garbage.

Yes, yes, I am failing to make a difference with that attitude, and not exercising my rights as a citizen, and disillusioned voters like me are all that’s wrong with the system, blah blah blah.  But seriously, my desire to vote against extreme right-wing folks isn’t even strong enough to make me feel okay about supporting their opponents.  That’s how nasty our election cycle has been here.

The worst culprits, in my mind, are our candidates for senate, Michael Bennett and Ken Buck.  I listened to interviews with both of them on public radio while driving once, and I don’t think either of them said anything in their entire interviews that was inspiring in the least, and hardly said anything that didn’t outright disgust me.  Both of them have run extremely negative campaigns.  Also, almost all of the money for this race has come from out of state, since Colorado is an important battleground for deciding who gets the majority in the senate.  Thanks, the rest of the country, for chipping in your two cents (or 30 million dollars)  to decide who should represent my state!  And thanks, Supreme Court, for making such a disaster possible!  Screw y’all, and screw our senate race too.

Honest-to-god, I’m writing in Cthulhu tomorrow.  I would seriously be happier having an ancient tentacled beast representing me in Washington than either of the two options.

At least Cthulhu is honest about what it stands for.



  1. Be undeceived, dear fellow Coloradan. If you have not been convinced of the sheer evil of the current crop of Rs on the top of the ballot here (as opposed to the mundane corruption of their most electorally credible challengers), I suggest a stroll through the Tom Tancredo and Ken Buck greatest hits, unfiltered by their opponents.

    I am not pretending that Michael Bennett is worthy of support in the “I’d give money to see him stay in office, never mind walk the streets canvassing on his behalf” sense. But there’s no way in which having a modestly self-aware Senator, as opposed to a tool who doesn’t even realize he’s a tool Senator, is not a good thing.

    Bennett’s not perfect. He’s not even good. But there’s still a long way from ‘not good’ to ‘seriously at risk of paranoid delusions’, which for better or worse is what Ken Buck appears to be (when he’s willing to answer questions knowing his actual supporters will care what he’s saying rather than thinking he’s “toning it down” for the liberals– yeah, I heard that interview, too, and he communicates in dog whistles).

  2. Yeah, I’ve been guilt-tripped all day today, and it’s starting to have an impact. Sigh. I don’t know if I can persist in being so disillusioned that I refuse to vote to keep the crazies out of office. I’m not sure if that makes me sad or not.

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