November 2, 2010

I’m a pushover.

Yes, yes I did.

Turns out I was easily persuaded that it’s worthwhile to vote for someone crappy so that someone who’s batshit insane loses the election.  If he even does (I refer here to the senate seat; it’s currently <11,000 votes in sanity’s favor, with about half reporting).  I also went ahead and voted for the other federal seats and governor, too (though I must admit I didn’t have time to do my research about judges and city councilfolk).



  1. Thank you. A vote for sanity over bat-shit insane is never wasted. It *would* be nice if this weren’t the choice we were (so often) confronted with, but that is the bed we have made.

    Figuring out how to have a rational political conversation is the task we face as a country. Until then, vote against bat-shit insane at every opportunity, even if only in favor of the pathetically corrupt and neurotic.

  2. Yay for alliance building and compromise!

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