big announcements should get fanfare

November 9, 2010

But all I get is the usual click-clack of keystrokes, and the hum of the furnace and my air filter.  Oh well.  I would still like to announce…


Yes!  I speak the truth.  I am going to simply be Lady Quantum, M.S., not Dr. Lady Quantum or Lady Dr. Quantum or whatever.  Turns out I don’t want a PhD.  Go figure.  I will elaborate on my reasons in a much more thorough post yet to come.  For now, though, my advisor got told the news, so it’s now okay for the entire internet to know.  Hello internet, I’m quitting grad school.  Thanks for listening.

You should know that “quitting grad school” doesn’t mean I’m walking out tomorrow (alas?).  Still got things to wrap up, still got a class to take in the spring, still got orals to pass.  But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now, and I am no longer in this for the long haul.

It feels incredible.



  1. Sounds like the right decision – and you still walk away with a graduate degree. Plus, only quitters can be winners, because you can’t do something great until first you quit doing something that isn’t.

  2. That article is awesome, and definitely made my morning. I feel newly empowered for my day of twiddling dials in a dark room.

  3. I’m going to assume that you’re still sane, and not into the abyss of sleep-deprived stress-induced madness (which would describe me the day I dumped my backpack in the nearest bin and walked out two months before I should have graduated from college… I did go back, after a few weeks of recovery, patch things up, and graduate the following semester).

    In which case – congratulations!!! Welcome back to the land of the living.

    I spent my entire life believing that I was going to grad school, I was certain of it as much as other little girls are sure they will get married in lavish ceremonies while wearing a white wedding gown. But a few weeks before entering that world, I realized my dreams didn’t require a graduate degree anymore… not only that, but working towards one would delay my dreams for years. I was assured by everyone that I was making the wrong decision.

    But that was 10 years ago – and almost every day I am grateful that I chose the path I did instead. I’m envious of friends with their degrees, yes – they’ve visibly proven themselves capable of running the gauntlet. But I’m not envious of the extra years they spent suffering through that, while I built and worked towards my future.

    All my best wishes that it goes the same for you, and I hope you keep updating your blog!

  4. Thanks! It’s so nice to hear so much encouragement now that I’ve finished wrestling with this decision. While there’s definitely a part of me that’s sad I’ll never be Lady Quantum, PhD, there’s a much bigger part of me that’s thrilled to be moving in a direction I’m excited about again.

    Amusingly, I’m getting tons of encouragement from my peers here, too. I think some of them are living vicariously :-}

    And yes, right now, I actually am sane. I think I had to climb out of the abyss before I could trust myself to make this decision.

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