new fragrance from bear creek cosmetics

November 16, 2010

New!  Introducing…

Poop on the Creek ™, by Bear Creek Cosmetics

This all-natural, 100% organic fragrance will rock your world.  Channel the peaceful, earthy fragrance of a mountain stream watering hole, and no one will be able to resist your allure.  Just rub it on and get ready to be loved!  Also great for internal use.  Your special lady will literally shower you with attention!

Check out this testimonial from one satisfied customer!

I was skeptical at first, but once I got a whiff of Poop on the Creek ™, I just couldn’t stop myself.  When I took my sexy lady out for a walk this morning, I smeared myself with Poop on the Creek ™ and let me tell you, it just drove her mad!  As soon as we got back to my place, she jumped right out of her nice clothes.  It was so hot, she had to hose me down — twice!

M. Mutt

Don’t wait, get your supply of Poop on the Creek ™ today!


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